Monday, June 3, 2013

The new Squash Field!

No I did not build a new squash field (do they even play that on a field?) I built a new field for squash over the weekend. Here are some pictures...more of a description another time.

Nunaka Estates Chicken Retirement Home

So I got a chicken. My friend down the street got some new chickens, and they ganged up on poor Twitch (nee Nascar). I felt bad for the poor girl (who had a stroke at some point last winter and now just walks around with one good eye and walks in circles a lot) so I agreed to take her in to leave out her last days...or weeks...or months. She may yet lay again so I'm going to keep her alive. Yes it's silly, why would one want to have a chicken  retirement home? See below for some photos of Chloe (nee Twitch).