Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Wildflower blooming!

I planted some Alaska wildflower seeds in some tire planters I made and some of the flowers finally bloomed the other day. Check out the photos!

Greenhouse Remodel

So I'm building a shed in order to store some stuff outside in order
to have room for my new roommate who's coming to live with
me...tomorrow! I knew the shed would not be done by then so I decided
I needed to figure something else out but I was freaking out because
move in day was coming on so fast. I then remembered that I have tons
of unused space in the greenhouse - that would be a great place to
store all those things that are okay with a little humidity! But
there's no floor in there so I had to build one.  I thought about it
for a while and decided that a bunch of pallets would be tall enough
to keep things off the ground, which tends to flood and freeze in the
winter. I got lucky with some nice folks over at Merrill Field who
happened to advertise on Craigslist that they had a bunch of pallets
to get rid of. With a little creative jenga-ing, I was able to get
them to fit and now I have a great floor and much better storage
layout. Now to fill it...

Monday, July 29, 2013


Here are some Sicilian Giant Radishes I grew. Awesome, a bit spicy but not too spicy.

Shed building

So I'm gonna build a shed. Here are some photos of the process.